League Information

See below for a description of each league, rules and awards.

3D League
10 weeks long in spring to early summer
15 life-like 3D targets set up on half of our walk through 3D course. 
Club Scoring, 15 for a heart, 10 for lung, and 5 for body

Broadhead League
10 weeks long mid summer to end of August
15 cardboard deer target and the arrow will be stopped by a sand pit behind each target
Each target will have a pencil drawing of scoring rings
Club Scoring, 15 for heart, 10 lung, and 5 for body

Winter Spot League
300 round 
20 yards shot inside, 
NFAA 300 round Scoring (60 total shots)
5 spot target, (X, 5, 4)
1 Spot Target, (X, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

Rules for each league:
Membership must be current. All shooters are to sign up as a team of four shooters, if you don't have 4 shooters to make a team we will put on a team. 

If you are not able to shoot every week you can duplicate your score. 

All shooters will have a 85% handicap to make all levels of shooting fair. 

Winning team of the league will get a Sauk Prairie Bowhunters T-Shirt